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End in sight?

After the last year of COVID lockdown, there is a glimmer of light at the end of this long tunnel!

Hopefully it will not be long before we can meet up with friends and family in a more comfortable setting.

But even though these times are different and somewhat difficult, there are still occasions that are being celebrated.  Birthdays are still happening!  Little ones are still being born and in some cases wedding are taking place.

With this in mind, with money being tighter than normal, how about a personalised print to celebrate that special event.  Although all of my prints come unframed, A4 frames need not be expensive with some of the high street stores offering lovely designs for very minimal cost.

Have a browse and if there is something you like - great! If there is something that doesn't quite fit, send me a message and I should be able to adapt it to your needs.

Best wishes


Posted by Sweets and Memories on 15 April 2021 15:17

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